Comporta Utopia

A new vision of the territory, a challenge for the future

Nature | Art | Education and the 7 innovative centers

“Utopia is the future of tomorrow” Victor Hugo

Comporta Utopia is a project that combines the preservation of natural and human, cultural and artistic ecosystems, to benefit the territory, through an economic engine sustained in ecology. The philosophy that correlates Nature with Art and Education, created and defended by the Deyrolle group, and supported by its Portuguese partners, is the main pillar of this project. We believe that these three axes foster the balanced development of territories in transition in a world that seeks to change paradigms to respond to the major socio-environmental and architectural challenges of today. From these three “key concepts” we will activate the fundamental variables of a sustainable and resilient territory: education, ecology, innovation, culture, history and economics.

Nature :

  • Preservation of plant and animal biodiversity
  • Valuing research to promote knowledge
  • Preservation of fragile ecosystems
  • Creation of adoptive ecosystems
  • Optimize all natural resources at our disposal

Art :

  • To value the identities of the territories
  • Improving tangible and intangible assets, including architecture
  • Increase the understanding of the natural sciences as an art degree
  • Create a transgenerational language

Education :

  • Innovation, to integrate the issues of ecological, digital transition and artificial intelligence
  • Transition from an economic model to a society with low carbon emissions
  • Transmission, to build the world that new generations deserve. Transmission of basic values ​​so that it is peaceful and balanced

7 innovative ecosystem centers

The Comporta Utopia project is a revolutionary approach that seeks to optimize the value of the territory through 7 innovative centers, helping to structure a sustainable ecosystem that translates not only into a profitable economy but also the creation of value from a knowledge hub multidisciplinary.

Comporta Utopia proposes a paradigmatic change in the way of looking and living the territory and this model can be replicated by the outside world.

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